Favorite ’90s Anime Moments – Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary!

Favorite ’90s Anime Moments – Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary!

To continue the celebration of Sailor Moon’s 25th anniversary, today’s post is going to be a top list of favorite moments from the original anime. What scene made you laugh out loud? What scene had you crying? What scene really made you mad? Here’s a list (in no particular order!) of moments I’ll never forget of the original ’90s anime by Toei Animation. Let’s go down memory lane together~

This is one of my all time favorite Sailor Moon scenes. Well, a lot of my favorites will involve Seiya, but this is too classic. Somehow, a flying cockroach has made its way into Usagi’s kitchen, and if that isn’t a reason to burn the house down, I’m not sure what is. Seiya, however…. Seiya’s got it covered. Kind of. Sort of. Maybe?

Hotaru. Her story always breaks my heart no matter what. Seeing a young Hotaru go through a fast-forwarded version of her life always chokes me up a little bit… but I know she’s better, now. She lives with Haruka, Setsuna, and Michiru, and is happier without pain.

Wow. Finding clips of favorite scenes is a lot harder than I thought. My favorite scene isn’t just the transformations, but this entire first battle in the Sailor Moon SuperS Movie. They barely use their attack names if at all, their transformations, attacks, poses, everything is clean, crisp, sharp, and quick. The animation is amazing. It’s very cool to see the girls send off their attacks without calling any phrases, which is something I wish was more utilized in the series. From this transformation to Badiyanu kidnapping Chibi Moon, this entire scene is fantastic for me.

Minako’s scream makes this perfection. This is priceless. Rei and Makoto are hype and ready to meet this hot guy Minako’s been talking about, and are introduced to…a very female Haruka Tenoh. And Usagi acting like she wasn’t all blushy is so amusing. Girl, you know what you did and said, don’t even lie. It also helps that Megumi Ogata’s voice is wonderful and I could listen to Haruka talk all day as a result.

This is upsetting – and unfortunately, some dubs didn’t capture this scene properly. The video above starts with the original Japanese version, then plays multiple other versions of the same scene so you can see what I mean. Koan’s breakdown is so understandable and relatable, and to see Mars protect her and comfort her is unexpected and wonderful all at once. The rest of the Sailor Team are shocked and surprised, confused at just what is going on, but Mars’ comforting words are all the explanation anyone needs. It’s weird that this side of Koan only exists here in the ’90s anime, but it’s a great side of her that I’m happy they ran with.

There’s so many fun things to do as adults~ Oh, okay Neptune. She says it so innocently, so sweetly, so…whatever. And you can tell she knows it’ll put Uranus in a weird spot. The reaction Neptune expects is what Uranus gives us, from her silence, to her tiny sweatdrop, to her blushing and coughing instead of providing any actual verbal response. It’s great.

It’s not just this scene. The entire episode of Seiya and Usagi’s Doki Doki Date is a Sailor Moon classic. I could watch this episode every day forever. Usagi’s taking Seiya’s words and invitation into a very… very… very wrong place. It’s not the first time Usagi’s taken someone’s words into a very perverted place. This time it’s even better because she’s in pure panic mode while Seiya’s all smooth and suave and sounding incredibly flirtatious. It is Sailor Moon gold. But I must know – Seiya, darling … do you dress in the dark?

These two are glorious. Sailor Stars is something I cherish and adore about the original anime, and I’ll miss moments like this when Crystal gets to this arc… But look at this. We start with Seiya pushing Usagi, poking and prodding her, making her work. Then we transfer to a really touching conversation between the two. It takes a few lines from Seiya’s character poem, too, which is nice. It’s also extra special because this scene is one of the last carefree moments they have together. After this episode, things go pretty downhill.

Help. Me. This scene continues to break my heart, years and years after I’ve seen it. Usagi’s complete and utter breakdown makes total sense considering we’ve watched episode after episode of Usagi missing Mamoru and going through stress and struggles caused by Galaxia and her Animamates. WHen Seiya throws a rose to help Eternal Sailor Moon against Tin Nyanko, Seiya has no idea of the connection between roses and Tuxedo Mask… so when Usagi breaks down into sobs, Seiya’s mostly clueless. I wish so hard that at some point, somebody would’ve explained Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship to the Starlights, but that’s a whole other post. The music, the rain, Usagi crying…and Seiya’s breakdown, too. No, Seiya didn’t exactly choose the best words nor the best timing to say those words, no way. Not very comforting, buddy. But it’s very clear to me that the two of them have been stressed and tense and in anguish for too long and have reached their breaking points. The next episode showcases that completely. My poor heart.

Minako may be a bit more ditzy in the original anime than in any other version of Sailor Moon, but her instincts are on point. How many times did she catch Tin Nyanko sneaking around them without realizing? The girls are in a bit of a pinch what with their identities revealed to the enemy and Usagi being found to be the host of “a real Star Seed.” They’re targets at all times and therefore have to stick together, right? Super together. Very much together. Attached at the hip together… This video would’ve only been better if they included the part with Rei and the whistle. These girls are amazing friends.

Stars is filled with a bunch of carefree moments. And one of the reasons I include so many Stars moments is because that was actually the first season of the original anime I watched. I didn’t go in order as a kid. Usagi and Minako’s water fight is great, with their faces, their actions, what they’re saying to each other, and the judgement being passed along by their friends. Typical.

Minako taking her own Pure Heart… oh Minako. This is another instance where she showcases how different she is in the original anime, but I love her for it. I love that she was so focused on being noticed also that when her own Pure Heart was actually stolen…she ran with it. Literally. Her weird laughter rounds the scene out with even more amusement. And it’s nice to see Usagi so protective of her friend as always ♡

This episode is another goodie. Minako’s about to be eaten by the monster of the day, only to be saved by Sailor Moon throwing a pizza. Nice. Then we actually get to realize the plight Usagi is in – her wings are bigger than the hallway space she has to work with, and creates an epic cleaning disaster in her house. Then it doesn’t help that it’s her and three of her girls, Uranus, Neptune, and the Starlights all crammed into her house ready to fight against the monster. I’m surprised her house didn’t implode. And poor, poor Minako…left alone and forgotten stuck to the wall. Classic.

Artemis has some explaining to do. A mysterious little kitten with a crescent moon and the ability to speak shows up, after Artemis is already in the doghouse (lol) for potential infidelity toward Luna. And of course, Luna catches the moment and lets him have it. Cat monogamy is important, guys. This is just so funny, especially when you know who the little kitten is and are just waiting for Luna and Artemis to find out and figure it all out. Then there’s the scene with Minako, ohmygosh. She’s perfect. When Artemis realizes the phone is missing…which could only mean Luna told Usagi, and Usagi called Minako… Oh it’s so good. It only gets better because this clip showcases the end where Artemis tells Mamoru he understand how he feels, then Mamoru invites him out for a drink. What is even happening anymore?

LUNA. This movie was so hard on her, and to see her breakdown like that when she never really has… It’s so upsetting. You can see the hurt in Usagi’s face – she wants to help Luna so badly, but how? What can she say or do to make things better? It just breaks my heart.

The first eight episodes of Sailor Stars are some of my favorites. There’s no monster of the day, the Outers return… it’s just done so well and so different compared to the rest of the series. This scene is lovely. It’s another “this happened only in the ’90s anime” moment, but seeing the girls and Mamoru understand and express comfort and love to Nehelenia after everything she did to them…wow. Wow. They are a lot stronger and filled with more empathy than I think I ever could be. It’s the moment that sparks the full power of Eternal Sailor Moon; she doesn’t need her Super form any longer. …it’s also the moment Galaxia was waiting for; for everyone to reach their full potential so she could make her next move. Ouch.

Like I said, this first part of Stars is one of my favorites. Saturn and Chibi Moon finally teaming up is great – especially when Chibi Moon is on a major time crunch. She’s becoming weaker and fading faster, and Saturn knows that. Saturn only has a few moves and they don’t bode well for anyone. So when she makes the necessary call to use one, and Chibi Moon stops her… oof. That paired with Chibi Moon’s painful pleas to Mamoru to wake up, it’s easily one of my favorite parts of this mini-arc.

From the eyecatch bringing us back from commercial all the way to the end of the episode, episode 195 is probably my all time favorite episode. It got to a point where I could recite the whole thing, word for word. Todokanu Omoi and Nagareboshi He are two are my all time favorite Sailor Moon songs ever. To hear parts of both of them before the real fight begins…flawless.

Hearing Neptune scream out Uranus’ name…oof. This entire scene kills me; I don’t even think I need any further commentary for this one.

You’re both horrid. When I first saw this episode, I genuinely thought Uranus and Neptune had sold out. So when this scene happened and I realized what they did, why, and how… my love for them imploded. It was such a smart move, such a resourceful and wicked plan that backfired miserably – but they couldn’t have known that. Even Galaxia was stunned and thrilled by the idea. Then, to see the sheer defeat and horror in Neptune and Uranus’ faces to realize all they did was for nothing… oh man. It doesn’t help that Fighter screams at them, yelling at them – more specifically Uranus, and Uranus just chuckles. She just laughs. Girl. I adore these two.

Sailor Moon - 25th AnniversaryThere are a few other moments I love as well that I unfortunately could not find clips of… From Sailor Moon S when Sailor Venus disguised herself as Sailor Moon in order to steer the Death Busters away from her and her Pure Heart. Naru and Nephrite’s infamous scene when Zoisite kills him in front of her. When the Outer Senshi are given their Super power-ups thanks to baby Hotaru in Stars. Then the 10 Sailor Soldiers finally reunite again in Stars for the first time since the Death Busters crisis in S. … there are so many classic moments that I could really be here forever listing them all.

The original Japanese anime is available on Hulu to watch as you see fit, so if you haven’t already or if you haven’t in a while, go back and give it another go. And please feel free to share your favorite scenes – what broke your heart? What made you laugh out loud? What made you cry? Let’s discuss!

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