Cosplay Review: Kasou’s Cosplay Wig Shop (

Cosplay Review: Kasou’s Cosplay Wig Shop (

A little under a month ago, I made a video on my Facebook cosplay page going over my wigs from Answered questions about wig caps, hairstyles, hair products, tangles, messing the wigs up and restyling them, all that good stuff. In that video, I said I would go over the wigs in photos to showcase them. So finally, let’s discuss some wigs, shall we?

I’ve been buying wigs from this website since 2014. I am very picky when it comes to wigs. I’m horrible at cutting hair but am pretty okay at styling. As long as I can find a wig close enough in cut and style, I’m happy – I just need the color to be perfect, and that’s how I found this website. I looked high and low for months to find the perfect color wig for Rin Matsuoka from Free!…the perfect blend of red-purple-magenta that works with him and his style. After getting a few opinions, I ended up ordering from and I have been getting wigs from them ever since.

kasouwig.comThe wigs are very soft and silky-smooth to the touch. You can easily run your fingers through them and run a comb or brush through them. If they do get tangled, they’re easy to fix with a hairbrush. All of the wigs come pre-styled – the pictures you see on the website are exactly what you get. If you want to add a little more durability to the style, it is okay to add hair products and style with heat to perfect the look you’re aiming for.

Each wig comes with its own wig cap that matches the color of the wig. This will help hide your natural hair color in the part of the wig’s hair. The color you see on the site matches the wig color you get in person. Flash, indoor light, outdoor light…doesn’t matter: the color stays true to the character. You get really awesome highlights and dimension to each wig depending on the colors of the strands used to make it. D.Va’s, for example, has purple strands mixed in with the brown to give it a reddish brown appearance in photos. Kotori’s has multiple shades of blonde and brown to give her unique hair color regardless of lighting.

The team at are very responsive on social media. If you have any questions or concerns, they are very happy to help resolve any issues and answer whatever might pop up before, during, or after a sale. Prior to Fall 2016, their shop was on Etsy before Etsy removed multiple wig shops. They promptly opened up their own site and it has a lot of awesome features that help the buying and browsing experience. Aside from simply adding wigs to your cart, you can add them to your favorites list once you make a free account on the site. Logging in lets you see the favorites list to browse what wigs you’re eyeing. Logging in also allows you to see your purchase history, lets you leave reviews on wigs, and gives you a glance at how much you’ve spent on the site, just to name a few.

If you go to my cosplay page, you’ll see a few photos of the wigs I’ve bought from that I’ve used at conventions and during photoshoots. I have nothing but good things to say about the quality and customer service I’ve experienced with the five wigs I’ve purchased so far. I definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a new wig shop to find the perfect finishing touches to your cosplays.

Check out a few other photos below to get another look at the wigs in different lighting and conditions. If you like what you see, be sure to check out for your next wig purchase!

Recommendation: 10/10


*note: Ryuu’s wig is actually the wig listed on the website for Natsu from Fairy Tail. A little hair product and a white headband, and bam! Magical boy ready.


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