Cosplay Review: → Bodysuit

Cosplay Review: → Bodysuit

WELL. i’m here with a review because i’m in love.

i ordered this friday, september 2nd, and with expedited shipping because i was worried it wouldn’t make it in time for new york comic con…it arrived thursday, september 8th. WOW. AMAZING. it was sealed in a dhl bag, and inside was a thicker zip-like bag, and inside that bag was one of those more crinkly-sounding bags where the costume was actually in. i appreciate that it was so secure and protected!

i asked for the gloves to be detached because i wouldn’t want to be getting them dirty, or if i need my phone, or pretty much anything. i believe it was an extra $4 to have the gloves detached.


the quality of the material is wonderful. it feels really nice and it’s stretchy. there are two zippers – one right behind the neck, and one that loops around your back. that zipper has two sliders – one that you pull to the left, the other to the right. that’s where you get into the suit. it was a little tricky figuring it out at first, but then i was good.

it fit amazingly. i’m a little iffy with my weight right now so i’m fluctuating and working out and bloated because of certain things~ but it fit like a glove. i was shocked. i’m in so much love.

i didn’t request to put soles on the feet because of a blog post i saw on their website. so i’ll either have white or black slip ons, or try their tutorial on cutting out cheap sneakers. i’ll figure it out before nycc.

the logos and brands on’s legs are all fantastic, as is the bunny on her chest. i’m not sure where it’s from, but i’ve seen a bodysuit floating around that has a happy, normal, smiling bunny on it instead. it’s not bad!! but it’s not’s bunny. it’s such a minor thing but i noticed it and it bugged me, so big props to this website for nailing it.

i did custom fitting, which was free!! they only require your chest, waist, hips, height, and weight…but i filled their entire fitting chart in. it is fantastic.they have other alterations, some free some not, that you can request.

i’m going to be sewing white cuffs to make her gloves look more legit when i wear them, and will probably use light foam to make some of the armor and parts on her suit pop and be more realistic and 3d. i wanted to order her gun and headset, but it’s too much for me right now. for now, i’m gonna build it myself and then i’ll treat myself~

now i’m just waiting on the wig… should be here by the end of the month. i’m really quite happy.

if you’re aiming for a bodysuit, for sure. they have a special discount on’s suit and i think some other suits are also on discount. also, using the code: ZZENTAI73290 will get you an additional 5% off. i’ll post more photos when i’m feeling well, but i had to write a review and share.

once i have the headset, wig, and gun, i’ll demo the suit up with makeup and all to really get a feel of her. excite!!!

…i need to windex that mirror, wtf.

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