My Cosplay – Otakon 2016: Sailor Star Healer (to be edited)

My Cosplay – Otakon 2016: Sailor Star Healer (to be edited)

when i made sailor star fighter in 2014, i had absolutely no idea what i was doing. i had never made anything but pillows and tote bags. why was i insane? why did i decide to make my first article of clothing be a faux leather bikini? who knows. for healer… i have a little more experience under my belt. a little.

i bought a simplicity pattern for her top that was a vintage style halter top. i went with that because i still have body issues and confidence issues with how i look. i still have weight to lose, and i still want to tone up, but… healer is my absolute favorite. so, an altered halter would hide some of the parts of my body that i’m still shy and ehh over.

the faux leather panels were hard. took a lot of me drawing and re-drawing and re-re-drawing triangles onto tracing paper, then taping scraps of the fabric to match the shape so i could see if they’d work. these final shapes did. i cut out two shapes for each side and seed it inside-out, then ironed very stiff interfacing to keep it pointed up instead of to the sides like you see in the one photo of me with the tmnt tank top.

sewing the green bias tape to the bra was easy until i had to sew over the bra, bias tape, and two layers of faux leather fabric. needless to say, i broke three needles because i couldn’t figure out which was my leather needle… but, lesson learned.

i have to adjust and alter the top in the back for fit, and on the straps so you can’t see the halter ties in photos. i ran out of time before otakon and just couldn’t do it.

the shorts are altered and edited shorts from forever 21 because i’ve yet to sew shorts. that’s my goal for next year. i want to have made them completely myself, but i refuse to until i tone up a bit more – unless i 100% vintage-up her outfit and make the shorts a tad more high waisted.

the gloves and boots are from amazon. i cut out the green for her wristbands, but had absolutely no time to sew it onto the gloves. the green for the choker needs to be adjusted so you can clearly see they’re two straps, and the straps on the waist need to be better secured and need the star in the center.

the sailor collar, tiara, earrings, and star brooch i made myself back in 2014 when i made star fighter. i’m actually really damn proud of those.

wig is from epic cosplay, bless.

i lost my eyeliner that morning (rip gel liner), as well as my eyelash glue so my makeup isn’t exactly as i would’ve liked…but i’ll try healer out again next otakon, and she’ll be 100% completed (hopefully).

i see lots of edits and flaws and details…but i’m pretty proud of myself. for not knowing a damn thing that i’m doing, i’m doing well at learning on the fly, i feel. once i’m more comfortable and confident with my body, i want to make the actual bra top for healer and fighter. that’ll be in the future. i hope to one day be able to give this girl all the justice she deserves, because she is my favorite and i love her.

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