My Cosplay – Otakon 2016: Super Sailor Venus (to be edited)

My Cosplay – Otakon 2016: Super Sailor Venus (to be edited)

i tried the simplicity sailor moon pattern… it was my first time making a sailor guardian (senshi, soldier, scout…) costume, and i’ve learned a lot about alterations and sizing while doing this. i also learned a lot of neat tricks that’ll help make the next sailor costume easier.

i did end up going with a ballet leotard underneath instead of sewing it. i just preferred it and knew i could edit and adjust easier that way. i was also running out of time despite having started two months in advance.

personal opinion? i found that the patterns for the bows were far too small. the bows here were altered by me, but still need to be bigger – especially the bow in the front. the pattern for the skirt was great because i prefer ruffles to pleats, but for the desired ruffle amount… go up a size or two from what you actually are. that way, when you’re pushing the fabric through the machine and it ruffles, it should fall back close to size. everything else seemed pretty good – sans the leotard. i didn’t follow the pattern for it so i don’t know how well it works.

i had a few people recommend using stretch/spandex for the whole costume to get the flow i was aiming for. that’s what i went with. instead of knit interfacing, i went with the more stiff kind and it held up very nicely. bless ‘wash away wonder tape’ for making hemming a piece of cake compared to the nightmare i’d encountered in the past.

the shoes… i didn’t want to pay $49+ online plus shipping. so i bought a $15 pair from sears – that were black! used acetone to get rid of the shine and make the shoes more absorbent before going in with a few coats of spray paint. the paint ended up being the wrong shade of orange so i went over it with a few layers of acrylic which ended up being perfect. thanks to the acetone and spray paint layers, the acrylic held without an issue.

i still have to add the white trim to the sailor collar and do the puff sleeves; i had no time to get it all done for otakon this year. i also want to remake the two bows as well as the red bow for her hair. otherwise, for a first attempt? i’m pretty happy with myself! there’s always room to improve~ i’m gonna be nitpicky about this costume for a bit.

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